BizTalk is a technology for everyone. From the affordable but powerful BizTalk Server Standard to the Lamborghini BizTalk Server Enterprise, BizTalk offers something for everyone, and we here at Suyati, love tinkering with it. Customers trust Microsoft BizTalk as it offers wide ranging solutions from payment processing, supply chain management, business-to-business EDI, real-time decision making, to reporting. Our expertise on Microsoft BizTalk includes:

  • File Management applications to route user credentials to both the database and a secured data repository after encryption
  • Integration of applications belonging to various grounds such as supply chain management, accounting, resource planning and so on. Also connecting the same to a Commerce Web Server for dispatching orders to the integrated warehouse application
  • Creating applications that simultaneously registers data to a favored Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) as well as to the data center
  • Building applications that can access custom services which are platform oriented, as well as generic services
  • Developing applications that monitor the flow of data between multiple business partners such as the distributor and buyer, or between the distributor and an organization
  • Creating applications that routes heavy resource consuming jobs into queue so as to balance the load efficiently