Having around 270 groups and more than 123,000 members, Node.js is the buzzword for enterprise open source. Basking in the glory of a 241% growth over the last year, Node.js is becoming the ‘go for’ technology for the high traffic websites. At Suyati, we help enterprises succeed with the best of Node. What does Node offer you?

  • Built on V8, Google’s high performance JavaScript engine
  • Node.js platform is event-driven, asynchronous and lightweight
  • Highly reliable for data intensive applications that run across distributed devices
  • Supports real-time communication between users, clients and servers across the web
  • Handle large number of connections simultaneously with high throughput

The TweetHunch story: The techies of Suyati never settle soon- the TweetHunch is the proof. At Suyati, we have internally developed an interesting product on Node.js called TweetHunch, a real-time tweet analysis platform that can be used to garner information on the tweets being published about a particular company, brand, theme, and so on, across the globe. The product provides—

  • Real-time tweet sentiment analysis
  • Location-based results
  • Live display of tweets

We make Node work for you thru web and mobile. Here is how: Web development

  • Chat, a real-time multi-user application that is a lightweight, high traffic, data-intensive (but low processing/computation) application, running across distributed devices, can be developed using the node.
  • Js can be useful in building proxy for different services that have varying response times, or for accumulating data from several source points.

Mobile development

  • When agile development is required for iteration, which normally consi sts of working in vertical slices.
  • Js can be used to interface with multiple push notification systems on each platform. SocketIO can also be employed to facilitate real-time communications between client and server.

So, if you are looking for real-time, superfast, non I/O blocking communication that can perform robustly even with high network traffic, and yet leave a low server footprint, Node.js is your go-to platform. Write to us, should you require anything.