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How Winium turned out to be a Superstar in our QA Practice

Today, there is a growing need for enterprises to automate their technology investments. The benefits may either be lower resource utilization or improved operational efficiency coupled with considerable savings in cost. Ultimately automation initiatives enable enterprises to create a wave of digital transformation within their core operations. At Suyati, we utilize our prowess in digital […]

Quick tips to perform mobile automation using Appium

Appium is an open source, cross-platform mobile test automation tool for native and hybrid applications. Tests can be done on simulators, emulators and on real devices too. It is an extension of Selenium webdriver. Appium has its own unique features. It supports IOS, Android and FirefoxOS. Why is Appium in demand? If we are using […]

Software Testing Trends That Dominated 2016

The role of testing is in greater focus than ever before. The highly competitive environment forces app developers to roll out perfect apps rather than fix glitches reactively. The infographic presents the software testing trends that dominated 2016. Developers and testers are hard-pressed to ensure that the new product they roll out meets: Functional requirements Performance requirements […]

Benefits of using Selenium for Test Automation in enterprises

Why is Selenium the most preferred test automation tool by tech giants including Microsoft and Facebook? Read this article to know why you should implement Selenium test automation for testing your web applications. In a highly competitive environment, there is a pressing need to make web applications robust, with top-notch GUI and all the desired […]

Quality Assurance Strategy in the Age of Digital Transformation

The digital revolution has transformed the way businesses are run today. Most businesses are running a never-ending race to catch up with evolving technologies and the main reason behind this is to ensure a superior customer experience and customer satisfaction. The old world formula of the customer being the nucleus of every business equation remains […]

Testing Best Practices to follow in CRM Deployment

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is one of the crucial elements of your business. Choosing, building and deploying a good CRM is a decision that needs to be taken with utmost care. The simple reason being that this requires a significant investment from your side. It takes one faulty feature to bring down your […]

Best Open Source Bug-Tracking Apps

Hours, days and months are spent building a project. The entire team immerses into code and development but the hour of judgment is the point of its implementation. No matter how much hard work has been woven into the project, the possibility of issues and bugs always loom. The best way to weigh the strength […]

Practices to master Salesforce Testing

Customer experience is utmost important for Salesforce. Therefore, right from the beginning, testing and quality are continually evaluated as part of their processes. The purpose of testing in the digital environment involves many layers. It is used to check whether the code and configuration is functional, to ensure that the digital platform meets the requirement […]

Easiest Method to automate REST API using Selenium

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is basically something which links the application and the programming code. It is a set of instructions for accessing a web-based application; be it on desktop or mobile. Selenium is an open source web-based functionality testing tool which works across different platforms and browsers. But in this blog […]

Tips to ask right Usability Testing questions

With more and more businesses making a digital presence with their own websites and mobile applications, the scope of usability testing is nothing short of formidable. Most businesses which lack an efficient IT department are at a loss when it comes to usability testing especially because it involves the complex challenge of understanding the user. […]