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7 ecommerce design trends to watch out for in 2018

Good design is good business. Steve Jobs is a visionary who put design and customer experience at the heart of Apple. It is this philosophy that catapulted Apple to become a billion dollar brand. Steve once said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology – not the other […]

UX design trends that are making the noise in 2017!

Rapid changes are taking technology by storm. Every B2B marketer realizes the importance of having a great website. An interesting web design is crucial as it is the first impression your customers have about your organization or product.In order to keep with the fast-paced innovation and maintain a strong foothold in the market, it is […]

Design Thinking: What does 2017 have in store for enterprises?

  Placed in the vast sea of change (Big Data, Internet of Things, digital transformation) which we call disruptive environment today, companies of all scales face the need to be greatly agile. Those companies that get too comfortable with their current capacities have a future-seat reserved in the extinct category. Consider companies like Nokia, Blackberry […]

Top web design trends that can dominate 2017

Eyes are the windows to the soul, likewise your website is the window to your business. On an average, online visitors take barely 10 seconds to decide whether it’s worthwhile to spend any more time on a website. So, how can enterprises cater to an audience that is low on patience and high on information […]

Testing UX to understand what does your viewer actually experience

“After introducing community-suggestions on homepage design,  saw 35% jump in revenue, 88% of consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience, websites which load slowly generally cost retailers about £1.73bn in lost sales per year”…that’s some statistics on User Experience (UX). The recent years, filled with flourish of UX […]

5 damaging UX issues and their solutions

To those who are yet to test the waters, e-commerce may look like a cakewalk. What does it take, they might wonder. A website, some products, some content, a shopping cart and a payment gateway and you are set, right? Not really, it turns out. Experience e-retailers will attest that an e-commerce site with all […]

Impact of UX on Wearables and IoT

User Experience (UX) seems to be a simple term, but on the contrary it is at the very core of all technological innovations happening around us be it interaction with service providers, products, mobile apps, smartphones and wearables. Gaining a customer is a feat in itself but to keep them coming back for more is […]

Going Global: Are travel websites disabled-friendly?

With over 1 billion disabled people around the world, it is critical for enterprises to let their virtual world be governed by inclusivity and accessibility. There are rarely any tasks populating our day which is not in some way connected to the digital. Building a positive customer journey is currently the make-or-break point for most […]

Role of chatbots in enhancing customer experience

Craving for the Pizza? You can order a Dominos over the Facebook messenger. Dominos chatbot will help you with choosing the toppings as well. Having a difficult time planning your vacation? A chat with Taylor will help you plan the trip discussing cities you want to visit, places to sleep and even work if you […]

JupyterLab – the next-generation user interface for Developers

The developers for very long yearned for a collection of plugins that could communicate with one another. That’s how JupyterLab, was built as a plugin-powered framework, a new product formed as a result of re-work of Jupyter. Project Jupyter provides building blocks for interactive and exploratory computing that make data science reproducible across over 40 […]