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Key Principles of Google Material Design

Until five years ago, people had to get used to the distracting means in which the look, layout and controls of any Google product interface changed according to the device a person used. For example, when a person logged in to their Gmail account on their tablet, smart phones, desktop, television or laptop, the layout […]

CMS Migration and Website Redesign: Know the Difference

Content Management Systems (CMS) and websites are inevitable online tools in a business organization. A website is like a window to an organization. It is a tool which can be used to give unique identity to a company. Websites today have become a major criterion for audience for evaluating a business organization. Content Management System […]

Building High Performance Websites with Magento

Constructed on the Zend architecture, Magento is an open-source shopping cart gradually rising in the world of ecommerce. The features that populate this sturdy platform include polls, mobile site, order management, manager store, shipments, widgets, coupon code, invoices and promotion activities. The solutions available on Magento depend on the needs of your website: Magento Enterprise, […]

Web Design Trends for 2016

The success of a website depends extensively on the experience it creates for a user besides the business element it carries. When a customer engages with a brand, his/her experience is influenced by the design (visual impact as well as the functionality) of the website. Much like any other business sector, there are the design […]

Role of Responsive Web Design in enhancing your business

If you are not familiar with Responsive Web Design (RWD), then you might just have overlooked the optimal solution for a gratifying web experience for your users. At this juncture, to say that RWD is the buzzword of online marketing would not be an overstatement. The reasons shall soon unfold once you get to know […]

Getting to Know HTML5 Up Close

This year, on October 28, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released the final version of the standards for HTML5, the latest version of HTML. This has been developed to help create modern and innovative websites, and give authors more flexibility and interoperability. HTML5 brings forth a wide range of form controls, APIs, multimedia and […]

Is your Site Responsive?

The digital landscape is getting more and more fragmented by the day, and with this, the number of devices, platforms and browsers that a website needs to work with is growing. This has forced a radical change in web designing. With mobile devices of varying screen sizes tipped to overtake desktop computers in the immediate […]

Designing your website for your user, not you (Persona Management)

The customer has always been the king. In today’s age of hyper-competition, marketers bend over backward to delight the customer. In the realm of website design, this requires a paradigm shift in approach, from designing for the user rather than designing based on what suits the business. It is easy to overlook user flows and […]

Do’s and Don’ts of UI Design

This list is neither exhaustive nor the final word in UI design. Creativity comes from breaking rules, while best practices help leverage conventional wisdom to create simple and effective UI quickly. A good UI designer will combine creativity and convention to create the perfect interface for the client’s needs.