Humanizing CX
via Personalization

April 23, 2020

14:00 - 14:30 hours


Today, companies can no longer rely on their services or products as their competitive differentiator, rather compete based on delivering an outstanding experience. The true essence of tailored customer experience is not just dropping your customer’s name here and there, but using it effectively to help your customers attain their goals.

We recently conducted a CX survey to marketers across the globe, and were amazed at the responses to the question“What does customer experience mean to you?”.

  • 36% of marketers equated it with “Offering Personalized Experiences”
  • 33% consider it as “Meeting Customer Expectations”
  • 17% responded with “Responsive Service”
  • 14% equated CX with “Customer Communications”

Based on the inferences from the survey, we’ve identified Personalization in the top spot. One thing we know for certain is that extreme personalization will be a table stake. In this webinar, our CX experts will take you through the different tactics of leveraging personalization to humanize customer experience.

Ashutosh Karandikar

Director Enterprise Sales

Roberta O'Keith

Customer Experience Strategic Advisor

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What’s being relevant in personalization
  • The flip side of personalization
  • Key mistakes during a personalization
  • How to build a personalization strategy
  • How to humanize CX
  • How to balance your business goals & CX

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