Webinar: Buy Till You Die model for CLTV – How valuable are your customers?

One of the crucial metric used by companies to measure and guide their customer acquisition activities is value per acquisition or customer lifetime value (CLTV) as it helps them analyse how much a customer is worth to them.

BTYD is an indicative simple tool which will capture non-contractual purchasing behavior of customers and allows you to estimate customer life time value.

After this webinar you will learn more on:
• What is BTYD model
• How to plot LTV of customers using BTYD

Join this webinar to learn more on BTYD model and how it will help in determining the customer lifetime value

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Mahesh D

Data Scientist

Mahesh is a Data Science professional who loves to solve tough problems. He completed his Masters in Statistics from CUSAT and has worked with Bridge i2i Analytics Solutions in Bengaluru as a Business Analyst. He is experienced in developing predictive models for marketing and pricing in Retail and Manufacturing industries as well as in providing insights driven business recommendations. He also has experience in Data Extraction, Data Mining using SQL, Advanced Excel, and data analysis using Python and R.

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