Deploying Sitefinity in Microsoft Azure

deploying sitefinity in microsoft azure

Easy to deploy and easy to use- if these are the keywords of web content management, then Sitefinity is the best fit for this description.

Deploying your Sitefinity site in Microsoft cloud can make the best of your business. Want to know why? By hosting Sitefinity site in Azure, you can enjoy all the Sitefinity functionalities- cloud enabled. Well, you’ve more: a system that scales with your business, increased visitor traffic, easy to deploy and manage, flexible storage capabilities; to cite a few.

Interested? Then join our webinar that extensively discusses advantages of this hosting with the effective methods to implement the same. We will also see what Sitefinity offers in this hosting and glance at the various strategies for implementing this deployment.


  1. Cloud hosting advantages in Microsoft Azure.
  2. What Sitefinity offers for cloud hosting?
  3. Deployment plans (Prerequisites and limitations).
  4. Demo –Deploying Sitefinity in Azure.

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Senior Software Engineer

Ajai Mani is a hardcore technology evangelist specialized in Sitefinity and Microsoft Technologies with a bundle of certifications in both streams. He has been associated with Suyati for the past two years. He is currently working on Suyati’s CMS projects. Apart from problem solving and technology, he is passionate about singing romantic melodies and traveling.

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