Digital Transformation Trends in Manufacturing Sector

Digital transformation is getting popular in all industries since it connects people, process, and organizations effectively. Manufacturing industries are shift from traditional systems to connected systems by leveraging many digital technologies and processes. This webinar helps you to understand the basic evolution of digital transformation and its importance in manufacturing industry. It gives an idea of hot trends which can be utilized in manufacturing sector to optimize operational cost, improve sales & profit margin exponentially. Digital transformation helps manufacturing companies to stay in competition and run businesses effectively by understanding customer needs closer to the real time.

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Solution Architect Digital Transformation

Aneesh comes with 9 Years of Experience in Digital Transformation Consulting & Strategy management. He is a Solution Architect in Digital Transformation at Suyati Inc and is in-charge of driving digital strategy for its digital platform called Mekanate. Prior to Suyati, he worked with Cognizant for 100+ customers across the globe for DT consulting. He has implemented end to end NPS program for customers in Insurance industry. He focuses fully on manufacturing domain and keep on analysing trends part of Industry 4.0. He has expertise in assessing the supply chain problems and deriving digital strategy for embedding AI backed automation in manufacturing companies. He is experienced in driving digital customer experience programs, current state assessment of customers, customer journey mapping for initiating digital roadmaps.

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