Digitizing healthcare with iOS Health and Fitness apps

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Connected Health- It’s good for you. But, how can you do it? Our experts can guide you to the right solutions.
Join our webinar that intends to give necessary insights on how iOS based Health apps could help in managing information on a user's health and fitness.

We will also have a demo that will showcase how caregivers/ doctors can monitor their patient's health and fitness. Using such apps, a doctor can also instruct exercise plans to the users and check the progress of the same.

1. Introduction to Apple's HealthKit
2. Fetching Health related data from iPhone
3. App Demo


Sulabh Surendran

iOS developer

Sulabh is currently working as an iOS developer at Suyati Technologies. He brings in rich experience that includes working on large and complex mobile projects. He is also specialized in CoreData and Service Integration. From estimation and designing to coding and deployment, Sulabh has worked across verticals like Real Estate, e-commerce and HealthCare.

Rijo George

Senior iOS developer

Rijo is a Senior iOS developer at Suyati Technologies. He has a vast experience working on large and complex mobile projects and is also specialized in Mobile User Experience and Application Design. Starting from estimation and designing, to coding and deployment, Rijo has enormous development expertise in mobile.

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