ERP Integration with Magento- Know the WHYs and HOWs

ERP Magento Integration

Are you in a dilemma to figure out the best ways to integrate your ERP system with Magento ecommerce? We can brush aside your queries.

While it is an inevitable component for the established; for the uninitiated, ERP serves as a business management software available in the form of integrated apps that help you manage all aspects of your business. Having said this, we invite you to join our webinar that analyzes how an ERP software can be integrated effectively into Magento ecommerce.

We take you through the flexible API of Magento that integrates with a wide variety of ERP packages and will discuss on the various custom solutions that can take your business to the next level.


  • How to Choose an ERP Solution
  • Benefits of ERP - Magento integration
  • What data is synchronized?
  • Technical aspects of integration
  • Catalog Sync
  • Promotional prices
  • Sync Customer
  • Sync Order

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Aswanth Kumar K S

Software Engineer

Aswanth Kumar KS is currently working as a Software Engineer at Suyati Technologies. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from the MG University. He has a tremendous expertise in software development and has been in this field for the past four years. Aswanth is a specialist in Magento ecommerce development.

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