Featured Webinar: Exploring SharePoint 2016- What’s in store for you?

Whenever Microsoft announces the release of a new SharePoint version, it is incredible and interesting to note that each edition leaves the users craving for more. SharePoint 2016 is a major step forward particularly around cloud and hybrid computing. In the evolutionary journey of Microsoft, SharePoint 2016 is a critical milestone.

So what’s new in SharePoint 2016, and what are the things going to be denounced?

We will walk you through the new features of SharePoint 2016, simultaneously making you understand how well it can integrate and order your business workflow. Join our webinar to know how SharePoint can be of great benefit to a multitude of industries.


Introduction to SharePoint 2016

Improvements and enhanced features

Understand what’s denounced

Upgrade support from Microsoft



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Sandeep Mittal

Sandeep Mittal is currently working as an Associate Technical Architect at Suyati Technologies. He is part of the SharePoint team at Suyati. Sandeep holds a certification in Microsoft Certification in Web Applications. He is proficient in SharePoint, SalesForce and ASP.NET platforms. He loves exploring technologies.

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