Live Webinar: Exploring the Possibilities of Fast Data in the Manufacturing sector

Fast Data- Webinar

The manufacturing sector is one of the most happening domains as far as technology innovations are concerned. While manufacturing industries have benefited on a huge scale, thanks to Big Data, several key players have started to move further into the spectrum of Fast Data. By unlocking new possibilities in processing data on a real time basis, the manufacturing sector can look forward to improving bottom line responses in their operating ecosystems. It can become the growth platform for future IoT enabled smart factories where human intervention can be at a bare minimum.

Join us for a 30-minute free webinar on “Exploring the Possibilities of Fast Data in the Manufacturing sector”.The webinar would cover:

- An Overview of Fast Data

- Technologies used for Fast Data

- Few Scenarios of Fast Data in action across industrial sectors

- How will the Manufacturing Sector benefit from Fast Data

- Three areas of focus for Fast Data in the Manufacturing sector

  • Operational Excellence
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Industrial Safety

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Dheeraj Vijay

Technical Architect

Dheeraj Vijay is a Technical Architect at Suyati with 12 years of extensive experience across large enterprise data management solutions and their technical architecture planning. He is a passionate evangelist of Big Data centric solutions and is a core advisory member of Suyati’s big data service offerings.

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