Featured Webinar: Understand the Considerations while Migrating to Sitecore CMS

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Why should you select Sitecore as your CMS solution? What are the key factors to be considered if you are planning to use Sitecore? We have the right answers for your questions!

Join our webinar that discusses the key factors to be considered while choosing Sitecore CMS. The webinar discusses the major elements related to its selection, right from planning your license to third party integrations.

We will also delve into a couple of demonstrations that showcase the editing capabilities of Sitecore, as well as the structure and modular behavior of it.

• Planning your license
• Training your content editors - Demo on Sitecore editing capabilities
• Structuring your content
• Is your site modular? - Demo on structure and modular behavior
• Including a workflow
• Third party integrations

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Aby Joseph

Software Developer

Aby Joseph is currently working as a Software Developer at Suyati Technologies. He is a Sitecore Certified Professional Developer and holds the EKTRON ONDEMAND DEVELOPER V8.5 TRAINING certification. He has tremendous experience in Ektron, EPiServer, Sitecore, and Sitefinity. His other areas of expertise include HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Web services, and Web APIs. He has also participated in GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit) at Bangalore in April 2015.

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