Drive Sales with Intelligent E-Commerce from EPiServer

In a crowded digital market space offering outstanding shopping experience to customers each time is fundamental to an online business’s success. With EPiServer’s intelligent e-commerce, become an agile merchandizer who has a robust e-commerce platform that helps sell over multiple channels, through dynamic content and campaigns, to astutely selected target groups, all the while keeping a finger on the analytics pulse. Join our webinar to know how EPiServer’s intelligent e-commerce platform can help you change the way you reach out to customers and drive sales.Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • EPiServer e-commerce out of box functionalities
  • Introducing intelligence to your e-commerce site
  • Geo targeting users
  • Targeting demographic users
  • Campaign products
  • Demo
  • Conclusion

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Anoop Joshi

Software Developer

Anoop has been working as software developer at Suyati for three years. His technical expertise lies in technologies such as, MVC, MVVM, Web API, WCF, WPF, JavaScript, JQuery, etc. Anoop is an Ektron and EPiServer certified developer. He loves playing Chess.

Leo P J

CMS certified developer

Leo is an EPiServer CMS certified developer, with expertise in technologies such as, MVC, MVVM, Web API, WCF, WPF, JavaScript, JQuery, KnockOut, and Single Page Applications. His personal interests include playing Cricket and Chess.

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