Integrating Web based Softphone with Salesforce using Open CTI

Integrating your computer telephony system with Salesforce can change the way your employees, especially your sales teams, do business. From increasing customer satisfaction to empowering salespeople, the impact such an integration can have on your business is enormous.This webinar will showcase how a Softphone—a call control tool—can be integrated with Salesforce, using an open CTI that eliminates standalone adapters. Open CTI allows you to click dial a number, notify the user on calls, log calls, pop up caller details, create events/tasks based on the call, and more.Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Background 3. Open CTI with Skype Server 4. Setting up Call Center 5. Demo 6. Advantages 7. Summary

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Nidhin V K

Software Developer

Nidhin is a certified developer, working with Suyati Technologies. He is an expert at customizing applications using Visualforce, Apex and JQuery, and his primary focus is on the integration of different applications with Salesforce. Nidhin is a leading community user on personal interests include photography, bike rides and impromptu trips.

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