Real time Integration between Salesforce and Eloqua using Lightning Connect


Salesforce1 Lightning Connect helps in connecting Salesforce with other legacy application/back office tools such as SAP, Eloqua and SQL Database. It provides a seamless view of data to the user, which resides outside the Salesforce Org. Using the external object, Lightning Connect maps to the external data tables, and brings data in real time. All this can be achieved without writing a single piece of code.

In this webinar, learn how you can employ the power of Lightning Connect to integrate Salesforce with Eloqua, and make your customer world run ever so smoothly.


  1. Introduction to Lightning Connect
  2. Before and after Lightning Connect
  3. External Objects and OData
  4. Demo

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Software Developer

Aditya is a Software Developer, handling Salesforce projects at Suyati Technologies. He has a Winter 15 DEV-401 Salesforce Certification. His skills include Apex Programming, JavaScript, and C#, among others and he works mainly on Javascript frameworks.


Software Developer

Dennis is a software developer at Suyati Technologies, with certification. He is a developer and is currently working on Visual force pages. Some of his skills include Apex Programming, JavaScript, C#, and AJAX, and he is also familiar with Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

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