Featured Webinar on Real Time Recommendations for E-Commerce Systems with MongoDB

Have you ever asked if your E-commerce solution is giving your customers the best shopping experience there is to have? Since a complete shopping experience entails many factors working in tandem, having the right technical platform and support can make all the difference.

For instance, a good recommender system that is powered by MongoDB will use different filtering approaches to help customers find the right products they are looking for. We say MongoDB here because we know that sorting and recommending from millions of products can be challenge that only Mongo can fulfill. MongoDB assists the world’s greatest ecommerce websites earn more brilliance and bucks, while providing customers with superior shopping experiences.


Be a part of our webinar on building real time recommendations for ecommerce systems with MongoDB and find out how such a powerful recommender system can change the face of your e-commerce business

In this Webinar we will learn about:

1.      Advantages of real time suggestion for e-commerce systems

2.      MongoDB and its architecture

3.      Insights on schema design, indexing and sharding for real time analytics workloads

4.      How to model your data for analytics

5.      How to make use of MongoDB's unique features to construct an e-commerce system

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Thaha Kannippoyil

Thaha has been working as a Software Developer at Suyati Technologies. His experience lies in web application development using Python Django and Ruby on Rails.

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