Featured Webinar: Risk Based Testing Over Exhaustive Testing: Which one to Choose and Why

Testing webinar

Are you looking for an effective testing strategy to assure the quality of your product? What all factors should you consider when you undertake a testing method? We can help you batter your concerns.

Join our webinar that discusses extensively on two of the popular testing methods- Risk Based Testing and Exhaustive Testing. This session will provide you a detailed glance at both the methods and will also analyze the pros, cons, and technicalities of the two.

With Risk Based Testing gaining more traction nowadays, we also explore as to why Risk-Based Testing is the choice of industries today and why it has an edge over Exhaustive Testing.


  • Introduction to Testing
  • Functional Testing- Risk Based vs. Exhaustive
  • Why Risk Based Testing
  • Exploring Risk Based Testing
  • Exhaustive Testing
  • Conclusion- Why exhaustive is not possible in the industry?


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Maria Susan P A

Maria Susan P A is currently working as a Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer at Suyati Technologies. She has around 3.3 years of experience in Manual Testing. She is an ASDA certified professional with foremost expertise in Testing; mainly Functional/ Manual Testing. She loves to spend her leisure time in cooking and listening to music.

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