Salesforce- Eloqua Integration: What’s in it for sales?

Are you looking at ways to revive the isolated, but critical leads on track to improve your sales performance? We are happy to help you!

Join our webinar that discusses the Salesforce-Eloqua connector, a sales acceleration app that helps in bringing the essential leads to boost your business.

Salesforce-Eloqua connector is a sales acceleration app that facilitates the seamless transfer of lead info from Eloqua to Salesforce. While it allows the sales guys to make the best of the lead data, the marketing folks can utilize this app to know how well their campaigns have performed which had brought in the leads.

Don’t miss our webinar to know more about Salesforce-Eloqua integration process, the cool features it offers and the future prospects.


  • Introduction to Salesforce Eloqua connector
  • Features of this integration
  • Demo of the app
  • Future enhancements


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Reshma Raveendran

Salesforce Developer

Reshma Raveendran is currently working as a Salesforce Developer at Suyati Technologies. She has around 2.3 years of experience in Salesforce Development and is a certified developer (401). Her other areas of expertise include programmatic and declarative development. She loves to spend her leisure time in listening to music, gardening, and playing mobile games.

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