Featured Webinar: Understanding Workflows in Sitecore

sitecore workflow

Sitecore 8 has seen the introduction of many Content Testing enhancements. To make the most of these enhancements, developers will want to include the updates in their workflows. Sitecore workflow is simplistic in nature, and it acts as a content gatekeeper. It is best used in approving content that is almost ready and in evaluating the looks and functions of the content within the website.

A successful Sitecore workflow doesn't in any way come between existing processes for content creation and approval. It's more of an enhancement than a total replacement.

Join us on this webinar to learn more about configuring advanced workflows and a plethora of new marketing features in Sitecore 8.

Agenda :

Business importance of content publishing workflow
Introducing workflow in Sitecore
Defining a simple workflow
Configuring advanced workflows
Programmatically manipulating workflows
Workflow enhancements in Sitecore 8

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Aby Joseph

Sitecore Expert

Aby has been working as software developer at Suyati Technologies for over three years. He has extensive experience in working on various CMS platforms, and is a certified Ektron and Sitecore developer. He has been involved in a large number of sitecore projects and has delivered out of the box solutions.

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