Using Chatter Quick Actions to Replace URL Hacks in LEX

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Do you want your enterprise to possess a progressive, intuitive, and effective CRM solution? How does Salesforce Lightning bring all these together on your table? Our webinar lets you comprehend how.

Join our webinar that explores the advent of Salesforce Lightning experience, with which the existing Custom buttons; for example, like the one which updates Records using JavaScript (to trigger Workflows/ Processes), or creating records using URL Hacks will cease to work. The new Lightning experience will no more support these functions and will get over these limitations using the Chatter Quick Actions feature.

The Chatter Quick Actions feature in Lightning helps you get rid of the need to code (JavaScript) or have clunky URL hacks in LEX, but could set it up and running just with a couple of clicks. Join us to know more about Chatter Quick Actions!


  1. What are the URL Hacks/ JS based Custom Buttons?
  2. Welcome Lightning Experience! Say good bye to Hacks
  3. Chatter Quick Actions for your rescue!
  4. What are Quick Actions?
  5. Some Use Cases around Quick Actions
  6. References




Neenu Mathew

Neenu Mathew is currently working as a Software Engineer at Suyati Technologies. She is a Certified Salesforce Developer with tremendous experience in the configuration and customization of Salesforce suite of products. Her other areas of expertise include Apex Programming, Visual force. Her other hobbies include reading and dancing.

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