Fire up your e-commerce suite with Sitefinity CMS

Integrating your content management system with your e-commerce suite is not about “what”, but about “how”. With changing technology, the question is not whether you should integrate the two, but how this integration should take place so that your business can reap in as many benefits as possible.

This webinar will discuss e-commerce integration with one of the top CMS platforms—Sitefinity. Find out how exactly Sitefinity CMS can play a major role in powering up your e-commerce suite, and how together, the two can change the way you do business on the World Wide Web.


Sitefinity CMS and E-commerce Integration
Advantages of Sitefinity and E-commerce in one application
How to Integrate Sitefinity CMS and Ecommerce

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Lithu P R

Software Developer

Lithu is an MCP certified software developer at Suyati Technologies. She is specialized in ASP.Net, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, and WCF. Lithu is certified in Sitefinity CMS, and has experience in working with Kentico and Ektron CMS as well. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and reading.

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