Maximize Marketing Impact using Sitefinity’s Content Personalization

A recent study says that more than 60% of shoppers like to be “remembered” on online stores, which speeds up their purchase.  While 88% of marketers realize that the use of social graph data to personalize the online experience for shoppers has a high impact on ROI and engagement, only 6% actually use it! But this one-size-fits-all user experience does not work.

Offering each visitor the same website experience is not going to get more leads or conversions. What marketers need to do is deliver customized content to each visitor to match his or her interests.

Hence, the super Content Personalization module by Sitefinity!

It delivers the right content to the right person at the right time, based on individual browsing history, patterns or specific data such as:

Demographics – address, age, job title, gender, etc.
Behavior – visited pages, downloaded content, purchased products, campaign clicks, searched keywords, etc.
Customer context – purchase stage, location, time of the day, used browser or device, etc.


1.      Introduction to Sitefinity’s Content Personalization

2.      Business benefits of Content Personalization

3.      Personalization using Sitefinity

4.      Live Demo

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Anju Raman

Senior Developer at Suyati Technologies

Anju Raman is a Senior Developer at Suyati Technologies. A tech junkie, her areas of expertise include Sitefinity among others. When she’s not busy creating technology solutions, Anju loves to travel, and insists that a lifetime isn’t enough to fully discover her native India owing to its enormous diversity!

Christopher Ross

Regional Partner Manager at Telerik, Greater Chicago Areas

Christopher is a highly experienced business strategist and technical marketing leader, with a strong background in leading Fortune 50 companies and their services partners in building successful consultative sales teams and product marketing offerings. A hands-on technology expert, he has managed startups and ISPs in developing cloud-centric web and mobile applications.

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