Maximize Marketing Impact using Sitefinity’s Content Personalization

A recent study says that more than 60% of shoppers like to be “remembered” on online stores, which speeds up their purchase.  While 88% of marketers realize that the use of social graph data to personalize the online experience for shoppers has a high impact on ROI and engagement, only 6% actually use it! But this one-size-fits-all user experience does not work.

Offering each visitor the same website experience is not going to get more leads or conversions. What marketers need to do is deliver customized content to each visitor to match his or her interests.

Hence, the super Content Personalization module by Sitefinity!

It delivers the right content to the right person at the right time, based on individual browsing history, patterns or specific data such as:

Demographics – address, age, job title, gender, etc.
Behavior – visited pages, downloaded content, purchased products, campaign clicks, searched keywords, etc.
Customer context – purchase stage, location, time of the day, used browser or device, etc.


1.      Introduction to Sitefinity’s Content Personalization

2.      Business benefits of Content Personalization

3.      Personalization using Sitefinity

4.      Live Demo

Join us for an expert driven webinar and get start personalizing your website content.


Video Transcripts:

Good Morning to everyone present here. Welcome to our webinar on Maximizing Marketing Impact using Sitefinity's Content Personalization. I am Muktha Ashok, and I will be your moderator for today's webinar. As we begin, let’s review a few pointers on how we can interact during the webinar. Now you are looking at the attendee interface of the ‘go to webinar’. Before we went on the left we are allowed to see everything that we share from our screen and the control panel at the right on how we can participate in the event.

As we would like to hear from you, please ask questions and share your comments. As mentioned, this option is located on the left tab. We’ll review your questions and the comments towards the end during the Question & Analysis section. Also, the webinar is being recorded and everyone will receive an e-mail with a link to view the recording of today's event.


About Suyati Technologies

So as I move on, I would like to introduce you to our company, Suyati Technologies. Suyati focuses on delivering niche IT solutions and services including CMS, CRM and E-Commerce. We're an Ektron-featured partner, MS Gold partner, and SalesForce App Exchange partner. We also have partnership with MongoDB and we have an extensive experience in .NET and other mobile application technologies. When it comes to Sitefinity, Suyati is a Sitefinity Technology partner with core strengths in mobile web, E-Commerce, E-mail campaigns and social media.


Today’s speakers

We have Sitefinity developers as well as certified business consultants. So now I would like to introduce you to our featured speakers. Christopher Ross, who is the regional partner, Manager at Telerik. Christopher is a highly experienced business strategist and technical marketing leader. Chris has a strong background in leading their service partners. He has successfully consultated teams and product marketing offers. He is a hands-on technology expert who has managed start-ups and ISPs in developing cloud-centric web and mobile applications. Next we have Anju Raman. Anju Raman is a senior developer at Suyati Technologies. Anju is a tech junkie and her areas of expertise include Sitefinity among various others. Now when she's not busy creating technology solutions, Anju just loves to travel.

Follow us

On social media tabs, please do follow us, tag us, or you can even post questions. You can use the hash tags and that you can see on the screen. And I will take you quickly through the agenda, Chris will take you through the glance over Telerik, and then Anju will continue with the introduction to content personalization followed by business concepts of content personalization and then she will tell you how can Sitefinity help you and then she can take you through the demo version creating user segments based on different criteria and she'd create personalized content and test them using Personalization Preview Tool and measure these results, and we will conclude with the Q & A section. So that's all from my end and over to you, Chris.


I appreciate you on being on call today. As mentioned, my name is Christopher Ross, I am regional partner manager for Telerik. One of the opportunities I do have is supporting our great ecosystem of partners, so I'm very happy to be on the call today.

Telerik at a glance

So this will take a couple of minutes to kind of give you on the call more familiar with Telerik, specifically with Sitefinity before I turn it back over and jump over to the demonstration.  So those of you who are not aware we are actually part of Progress Software. We have over 10 offices around the globe, with 800 individuals specifically focusing on the Telerik part line in over of 100,000 customers across all the products. We, a global company, one of the aspects that is great about our company is that our customers are not just local to US, but have this across the globe and through our partner network, including Suyati we are able to provide high caliber of expertise across the domain to those customers. As part of the portfolio we are going to the next slide, just few of the customers we've had tremendous success with. We are appreciating everyone here on the call. So we go ahead and move on to the next slide.

So here you see some of the customers that we had success with in terms of development of content management systems, mobile applications with partners like Suyati. So with that I’m not taking up too much of time away from the presentation. I kind of felt it as a great way to introduce you to Suyati. I'm glad to be on the call and we will be available for comments or any questions afterwards.

I think that's all from Chris' end, and it was a pleasure to have you on board. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. Now, I'd like to pass it over to Anju.
What is Personalization?

Thank you, Chris, for the valuable information on Telerik and thank you, Muktha, for the introduction. So let's move on to the presentation. So what is personalization? Personalization has become a key concern when attracting the customers and working to maintain their loyalty. Personalized content may be ads, recommended items, images and other digital media which can be displayed based on what you know about the visitors and how long they interact with your website. We mainly have 2 broad categories of personalization; one is the profile-based perspective personalization and other is the behavior-based adaptive personalization.
Business benefits of Content Personalization

About profile-based perspective personalization, it focuses on the specific segments of users, and here the profiles of the personnel are built based on characteristics and information about your customer. For example, if a visitor browses your online web catalog, you may want to highlight a new offer of a similar product feature that might help the visitor to make the path easy towards purchase. And next, about the behavior-based adaptive personalization, it is mainly used to target new visitors by tracking their behavior and they are applied through patterns. Each pattern made on the website helps us to filter what comes next to the visitor. Content Personalization can be effective only if we know very well about your customers and their preferences. The more accurate the information, the better we can personalize our website.

Moving to the business benefits of Content Personalization, most importantly content personalization helps us to build one-to-one relationship with the customers. It also increases the sales, the conversions, and you can see that there will be an increase in site usability. It provides us with the better arrangement of your products or services to resonate the targeted solutions with the ideal audience. Personalization also has the ability to serve your visitors’ web content specific to their interest, roles or locations.
How can Sitefinity help?

Now let's see how Sitefinity can help us in Content Personalization. Content Personalization is one of the most innovative features of Sitefinity. Personalization gives the flexibility for the content authors to customize the content, layout and appearance of the page based on the characteristics of the website and its visitors. Sitefinity provides a number of options for identifying the visitors based on the demographic behavior, customer context etc. Sitefinity also has flexible and easy-to-use interface which helps us to easily segment the visitors and give minimum personalized content to the users.
Steps for Personalization in Sitefinity

Now, let's see the steps for personalizing the content in Sitefinity. Segment your visitors by creating user segments for your visitors, personalize the presentations by creating personalized versions of your pages, impersonate to test the experience by using the Personalization Preview tool and last measure results so that we can improve more.

Now we can have a short demo on how to personalize content in Sitefinity. First step towards personalizing in Sitefinity is by creating user segments for your visitors.

Now we shall move on to the Demo. This is the website created in Sitefinity for the demo, and now let us move into dashboard that is the admin backend of the Sitefinity. Here we can login as the Admin now. We'll be taken to the dashboard of the Sitefinity. Here we have main tab and under marketing menu we have personalization options.

First step towards personalization in Sitefinity is creating the user segments for your visitors, so here in the personalization page we can see a ‘create user segment’ button in the toolbar. First let's see what's a user segment is. User segments are different groups of users that are to be served with different content. They can be defined by assigning one or more characteristics that may help the system to identify the user. We have several options to classify the users like location of the visitor, referral URL etc.

Now let's create a user segment with Sitefinity. Here we have a button ‘Create a User Segment’. Clicking on that let me create a user segment for the visitors 'visitor from London'. We can also give a description if needed. Let's create the rules for this particular user segment. For that we can add characteristics to the user segment. Here a pop-up comes with predefined characteristics provided by the Sitefinity. Here we have the IP address and many others like the location. Now I'm creating the user segment for visitors from London, so I'm adding the location London. Add the location. We can add many more locations here. Now let me save this characteristic. To add more characteristics if we want, we can add the users to be filtered either by first characteristic or the second characteristic.

Then we have to use the characteristics button under the OR segment, and if we want the user to apply both the first and second characteristic, we have to use the ‘add’ characteristic button under the AND segment now making this user segment active letting them create this segment. 'Visitors from London' is the segment which is created now. These are the other user segments which had been created for the demo purpose and Sitefinity also provides the ability to prioritize each of the user segments. We have Actions link for each of the user segment and from there we can set the priority for each of the user segment so that the users can be filtered based on the priority of each of the user segment.

Now once we have created the user segment we shall move on to personalizing the presentation by personalized versions. Going on to the pages we have Pages View where we can see the pages we have already created for this demo. And here, we have the Home page and actions for the home page, and here we have the option personalize. Now we are taken to a page where we can create a personalized page. Here we can select a user segment which we've created right now. I'm selecting visitors from London user segment and create and go to ‘Edit Content’.

Now we're getting the same Home page which is not personalized, which is just a copy of the original Home page we have created before. Now let me personalize the Home page for the visitors from London by changing the banner image. We have the Edit option for each widget and here I’m changing the banner image for the visitors from London, changing the image from library. I have London and now let me see the change. Now we can see that the Home page has been personalized for the visitors from the particular location, London. Rest everything remains the same as in the Home page. So personalized pages are just versions of the same pages based on the user segments we have created.

Now let me publish the personalized page, we're taken back to the Pages view here once we've personalized a particular page, we'll get a link personalized in the grid view. On clicking the personalized link, we can see how many versions of the pages have been created based on the different user segments. Here we have 5 personalization based on the user segments. If we want to see any particular personalized page we can view it directly from here. It will take us to the personalized version of the Home page. Once we're done with personalizing the content we can preview the personalized pages by using the Personalization Preview tool of the Sitefinity that is available in the marketing Menu Personalization module.

Here in the toolbar we can see the View Site As option before that let me take you through the other user segments we have created for the demo purpose. One is the Referral URL user segment that is if somebody comes to our site from some other sites like the Social Media here I've created the characteristics for the referral URLs like, or If some user comes from these websites they'll be taken to the personalized view we've created for the referral URL. Similarly we can personalize based on the time of the day, we can take the time, also add more characteristics to the user segments based on our personal requirements.

Now moving on to the Personalization Preview tool clicking on the View Site As button on the Personalization module we are taken to the personalization console of the Sitefinity. Here we have a panel bar in the right that is the Personalization Preview tool. We are going to use to preview the site we've created, with different user segments. In the right wing we can choose the perspectives from which you want to view the website to view the personalized perspective view of the user segment. We can use the user segment tab on the website from the perspective of the user with certain characteristics we can use the custom button. Here we can use manually as different characteristics and use the View button to view the personalized view of the Home page from the user segment view.

Everyone is the user segment which is not personalized which can be viewed by all users without any criteria. Let's go through the Home page which is not personalized. Here we're having a single banner image some Top Destination, Favorite Dishes and the Testimonials segment. Now let's move on to the user segments and the personalized view of the Home page based on the user segments. I'm selecting the Visitors from London user segments to see the changes we have made in the user segment, in the Home page. Once I've selected you can see that our Home page has been personalized for the visitors from London. The banner image has been changed and rest everything remains the same. So we're using the same Home page and just changed only the banner image for the particular user segment Visitors from London. Now taking the referral URL you can see that everything remains the same only the testimonial segment have been changed for those who're coming from LinkedIn or Facebook or Gmail.

Similarly we can just check out the Time of Day - Evening user segment. Somebody who's logging in to our website in the time we've specified, we can see that the banner image has been changed and everything else remains the same. This is how the Sitefinity personalization Preview tool helps us to preview the Personalization changes we have made to a single page, and we can test it using the Device Preview also. We can move the website as it will appear on a mobile device using the Device Preview option provided by Sitefinity. Here we can select the device which supports, and we can see how our site is going to be on a particular device. We can also have the custom option and give a location manually and check how the personalized Home page will be for the visitors from Asia.

When I'm clicking View I can see that I'm getting a new personalized Home page view for the site that is the banner image and the Top Destinations have been changed. So, now we're done with the Personalization Preview Tool and now we've to measure the results after we've segmented the audiences, personalized their experience and checked how site is presented for different audiences on different devices. You can see the results of what we've done. They can be measured by the conversions and other website key performance indicators for different segments compared to the default presentations of non-segmented visitors or to the key performance indicators prior to the personalization. Measuring will help us to improve and iterate our results further. That is all from my end for the demo and now we have the Q&A Session.

Thank you, Anju. Thanks for the wonderful session. Now it's time for the Q&A Session, folks. We're ready to address your questions. Type in your questions using the Question Feature on the Go To Webinar.

Questions & Answers:

1) Can I deliver personalized content for unknown online visitors?

Yeah, absolutely we can deliver personalized content for the unknown online visitors. It is like we can deliver personalized content to any visitors based on the characteristics like the location, time of the visit etc. which is generally variable about the visitor.

2) Is it possible to do personalization based on custom attributes of user profile feeds?

This seems to be a good question. Yes, we have an option on Sitefinity to create custom attributes for the profile feeds and then use these attributes as the criteria while creating the user segments so that these custom attributes can act as characteristics.

3) How can I define dynamic content for people who are already in the pipeline?

Marketers who integrate their websites and Marketing Automation System of the CRMs are able to leverage the information they have already gathered about each prospect to deliver the high messaging content.

4) Can we create personalization criteria?

Yes, we can create custom personalization criteria in case where the built-in personalization criteria are not sufficient to match our perspectives when creating the user segments.

5)  So, the users would need to be logged in as a Sitefinity user?

No, the user need not have to be logged in as a Sitefinity user; a general user can also be getting the personalized content.

6)  Is the location data provided from the module or does it come from another source?

The location data is actually directly coming from an outside source and it is using the geo location we have in Sitefinity.


Thank you

So folks, this is all the time we had. Please look up for a follow-up mail that'll alert you on the on-demand status of the webinar so that you can review any material you missed or you can simply go over again now. Any more further questions will be taken offline, you can either reach us at our Social media or drop us a mail, for all the questions that have been unanswered would be sending you a mail with the answers. So finally a small request. Please remain with us and complete our four questions exit survey. So that’s all from our end and that’s the end of webinar, on behalf of Chris, Anju, and our team at Suyati Technologies thanking you all for joining us and taking time to attend our webinar. Have a great day!

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Anju Raman

Senior Developer at Suyati Technologies

Anju Raman is a Senior Developer at Suyati Technologies. A tech junkie, her areas of expertise include Sitefinity among others. When she’s not busy creating technology solutions, Anju loves to travel, and insists that a lifetime isn’t enough to fully discover her native India owing to its enormous diversity!

Christopher Ross

Regional Partner Manager at Telerik, Greater Chicago Areas

Christopher is a highly experienced business strategist and technical marketing leader, with a strong background in leading Fortune 50 companies and their services partners in building successful consultative sales teams and product marketing offerings. A hands-on technology expert, he has managed startups and ISPs in developing cloud-centric web and mobile applications.

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