Accelerate business growth with Salesforce Community Cloud

Power your business with the beefed up salesforce community cloud that brings all your employees, customers and partners under one roof and thus making interactions lightning fast and a whole lot easier and efficient.Your employees can leverage this platform for better customer interaction, provide quick response to queries and broadcast information about your products and services.With SF Community cloud, your customers can now interact with other community members, view information and reviews about products and services and also chat with your CSRs that will help them make better but quicker decisions about which product or service to choose.This platform provides enough flexibility to streamline the features available and information displayed to different user groups, thereby helping in targeting the right information.In this webinar, learn how Salesforce community cloud makes a world of difference to your business interactions, understand what the new winter’15 features are, watch a demo of the Salesforce Community cloud and see firsthand how it works with a use case.Agenda:

  • Why do businesses need community application?
  • Understand advantage of communities based on comparison with portals
  • What is new with communities in winter ‘15 release?
  • Use case discussion

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Maneesh Kartha

Maneesh is a Salesforce1 platform application development specialist and a 401 certified SF Developer and a salesforce trainer. Maneesh is associated with Suyati as a Salesforce Developer. He is also a leading community user in Apart from an excellent grasp on Salesforce and Apex, Maneesh is also experienced in interpreting business needs and high level design into functional and streamlined code.

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