Webinar: Optimize your social media marketing strategy through Azure Logic Apps

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Are you finding it difficult to track the leads coming through social media channels? Wouldn’t it be great if your CRM is integrated with social platforms like Twitter so that you can do a quick sentiment analysis of tweets? That’s where Azure Logic Apps provide a simplified solution.

Logic Apps help in automating business processes and implementing integrations and workflows seamlessly in the cloud.

And you can do all that without a single line of code. Isn’t it interesting to learn more about this? And that too from a Microsoft MVP?

Hurry up and register for our webinar on how to optimize your social media marketing strategy through Azure Logic Apps. 

The Agenda:

  • Introduction to Logic Apps
  • Creating Logic Apps from Azure Portal
  • Creating Logic apps with Visual Studio- Demo
  • Logic Apps with Azure Functions- Demo
  • Q&A

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Anuraj Parameswaran

Technical Architect

Anuraj Parameswaran is an Architect with SOCXO Technologies / Suyati Technologies, Kochi. He has 12+ years of experience working on different technologies, mostly in Microsoft space. He has been working on the .NET platform since its early days and was selected as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visual Studio and Development Technologies in 2016. His focus areas are Architecture and Cloud Computing. Anuraj is a K-MUG Community Council Member and an active volunteer in Microsoft Technology Community.

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