Webinar- Building Generic E-Commerce Apps on Magento 2.0

Magento 2 is the most preferred e-commerce development software in the world today to create an app or website. Optimizing the web experience, having responsive design and HTML5 has made the mobile web a viable solution for building interactive web pages that support devices of all size. With new features and structures in code, Magento 2 has lot more to offer.

This webinar is intended to give insights on how a customizable App can be made purely from Magento 2.0 APIs.


  • What’s new in Magento 2.0
  • How an app can be customized
  • Demo on building a generic e-commerce app

Join our webinar and find out how to achieve better user experience, faster loading speed, smooth navigation, push notifications, and native look and feel.

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Midhun Murali

Android Developer

Midhun is an Android Developer at Suyati Technologies. He has more than a year’s experience in designing and developing android applications. He is an ardent follower of mobile technology and has good understanding of software development life-cycles, and Agile methodologies. He is continuously making an effort to innovate applications, and adopt new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

Sibin E A

Senior Android Developer

Sibin  is a Senior Android Developer working at Suyati Technologies. He has 5 years of expertise in android app development. He has experience working on large and complex mobile projects, right from estimation to deployment. He is passionate about learning new domains and systems.

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