Webinar: Ways to build impressive Salesforce Dashboards with Charting libraries

Dashboards make life convenient and easy for enterprises and management teams to get a better, efficient and organized view of all reports and essential metrics that businesses should track. Dashboard is a salesforce object that helps to analyze the salesforce data and present it in a better way.

How do dashboards gather data from reports? What is the role of charting libraries in making dashboards more visually appealing and responsive to the users?

Join our webinar, where we teach you how to create impressive dashboards in Salesforce using charting libraries.


  • Introduction to charting libraries and Dashboard Components
  • Dashboard Components- A closer view
  • Charting libraries and Dashboard components- Drawing a comparison
  • Demo

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Ajay Babu

Salesforce Developer Evangelist

Ajay Babu is a Salesforce AppBuilder Certified developer with key skills in JavaScript and PHP. He is keenly interested in APEX programming and Visualforce.

Nishad Kallingal

Salesforce Developer Evangelist

Nishad Kallingal has a great passion for exploring and sharing new features in Salesforce. Along with HTML5, JS, and PHP, he is also passionate about APEX programming and visual force. He is an active resource in Salesforce Success Community.

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