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Sitecore Experience Commerce: Turning unique customer interaction into an experience of a lifetime

An eBook that provides a lowdown on how Sitecore Experience Commerce helps create personalized shopping experiences for each unique customer.

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Sitecore Experience Commerce (Sitecore XC) is a fully comprehensive digital marketing platform that is powered to deliver value-driven shopping experience. It promises to engage customers for life with its robust content personalization features that turn every interaction into a relevant experience. Touted as the “original commerce platform”, Sitecore XC can help companies get to market faster, with unmatched analytics, extensibility and scalability. Whether you are a B2C, B2B or B2X organization selling online, Sitecore XC empowers you to own the experience for each unique customer. This e-book digs deeper into how Sitecore XC adds value to customer experience, and how it manages relationships, orders and promotions, besides delivering powerful analytics.