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Hyper-automation: What is it and How it Impacts an Organization?

Is hyper-automation the number one emerging strategic technology in 2020? Read this ebook to find out, and to gain an in-depth understanding of the concept.

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Hyper-automation is the in-vogue technology, with Gartner describing it as the number one strategic technology for 2020.

This comprehensive ebook allows you to make sense of hyper-automation. Understand what is hyper-automation, and how it differs from conventional automation. Find out the need and benefits of hyper-automation. Get clarity on the role of RPA and AI in hyper-automation. Gain insights on how to implement Hyper-automation. Understand the practical challenges related to implementing hyper-automation, and how to overcome such challenges.

This ebook equips you to manage the full cycle of hyper-automation, from discovering automation opportunities to measuring the ROI, from gaining conceptual acumen to live benchmarks, and much more.