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Should You Migrate From Ektron CMS Now?

Do Ektron customers have to migrate to Episerver or some other CMS? Here’s the trade-off between migrating out or maintaining the legacy Ektron CMS.

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Episerver has acquired Ektron, and Ektron users have the option of upgrading to the latest version of Ektron or migrate to Episerver (or a CMs of their choice). Episerver offers several inherent advantages such as mobile and cloud compatibility, better customization options, better security, and better ecommerce capabilities, making migration a good option. However, the latest version of Ektron is still supported, and users need to make a trade-off between the enhanced capabilities and the hassles of change.

For migrating out, it is imperative to adopt a systematic and mythological approach. Several big names such as Shangari La Hotels, ASRM and others have successfully migrated from Ektron to Episerver, and reaped huge benefits.