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Consumers interact with brands. Not with a department. To them there isn’t any difference between someone they are engaging with from marketing, sales or finance. A consumer only wants to find a suitable product or service as easily as possible, have it delivered to his preferred location without any billing hassles, and experience the product or service for as long as possible.

For such seamless experience, it is mandatory that an organization has free flowing and accurate customer data moving between its departments—be it customer service, inventory management, invoicing and so on. With a fireball platform like Salesforce, a company is already on the right track for building good customer journeys. However, filling gaps between departments is essential, especially when client information is coming in from a range of channels.

This white paper decodes Salesforce integration and explains how creating a synergy with essential applications used by different departments can help free the flow of data. Better customer experiences clearly translate to increased ROI; and which business owner does not like that!