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Choosing the Right RPA Solution for your Business

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Almost everybody is talking about RPA. But it’s important to know that a lot of thinking needs to go into the choice of solution and implementation. This e-book begins at the top, giving you a low down on what RPA is, its benefits, use cases, how to choose an RPA solution for your enterprise, how to implement the RPA tool, and what you need to know about the future of RPA.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

The world is moving towards automation in almost every sector to reduce costs and increase the quality of work. The software/IT industry has also witnessed an upsurge of almost 75% in productivity using automation. This has been possible because of the introduction of software robots or AI. These software robots aim to bring about a change on all the manual levels of data handling and processing, thus changing the business landscape rapidly. Suyati is among leading robotic automation companies across the globe, leveraging its experience and expertise to accelerate your Robotic Process Automation journey. We design and build automation processes according to your needs and help you stay a step ahead of your competition.

What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is leveraging of software robots to partially or fully automate manual and repetitive tasks. These software robots are also known as AI. Imagine creating a robot to do all the repetitive manual work at your home? Same is the case with software robots but instead of a physical robot, AI learns from human actions that are repetitive and mimics them. A ‘chatbot’ is a classic example of this. Chatbots handle simple queries like how to reset the password, where to find ‘X’ on the website, etc. The main aim of RPA is to automate simple tasks so that your resources can focus on tasks that require human intelligence.

How Do Robotics Process Companies Work?

Robotic process automation companies use RPA to their advantage when it comes to automating clerical tasks. Bots are the fundamental units of RPA enabling robotic automation companies to build necessary solutions, allowing them to screen scrape and work with legacy applications, web applications, desktop applications, etc. Companies have now started leveraging AI and ML to create intelligent bots that have reached a high level of satisfaction and not merely executing clerical tasks.