Top 5 ways to improve personalization in retail with AI

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Moving towards the future, science and technology have made their way into every section of the business world. And for making it big in today’s corporate age, all one needs is to have a good customer satisfaction strategy in place.

The crux of building a loyal customer base is set in the idea of personalization. Giving every customer a royal treatment and keeping them happy not only makes their experience great but also encourage them to promote your products and services through word-of-mouth marketing.

Some of the great ideas to implement personalization in retail are,
1. In-store product recommendations: Living in the world of Wifi, iBeacons, push notifications and AI, there are a huge number of technologies that can help you in reaching your in-store customers while they are shopping. Instead of having personal shopping assistant, you can make use of mobile applications. These applications help you in learning your customer’s preferences and whenever they are in your store, you can send them personalized push notifications recommending them new arrivals based on their tastes.

2. Out-store product recommendations: Having an eCommerce site or mobile application can help you in personalizing your customers’ experiences not only when they are inside your store but also when they are browsing from anywhere else. Recommendations and loyalty discounts are great ways of forming lasting relationships with customers and drive them to the stores.

3. Smart CX: Artificial intelligence is taking over almost every means of customer interaction for businesses. Shoppers around the world are getting habitual of using the latest technology which is intuitive, fast and knows what they like. For great retail customer experience, stores can do this by simply deploying AI tools strategically.

4. Voice commands: Image recognition and voice command technologies have become a vital link to advanced AI. And retailers can provide the best experience to their customers by giving them the facility of both of these technologies. With voice commands and image recognition, a customer does not have to walk around the store to find a specific product. The amalgamation of these two technologies can be tested for many great customer experience possibilities.

5. Digital Assistants: One of the biggest feats of AI in the retail industry are the chatbots of digital personal assistants. With the help of bots, retailers can easily have advanced technology assisting their customers around the store, for product trials, on the shelves, etc. These digital assistants can interact with customers in a very human way to engage them and help them in shopping for anything they require.

How to create great Retail Customer Experience?

Even before making the use of advanced technology, there are many ways in which retailers can create a good customer experience. In order to establish this, the first thing to remember is to prioritize customer satisfaction.

In order to do this, the best way is to work out a system for minimizing waiting time for customers in a retail store, personalizing their shopping experience and offering loyalty perks.

Personalization is now the Holy Grail for customers seeking to improve engagement in a highly competitive world. The application of Artificial Intelligence solutions is very effective in driving Personalization 3.0, which is marked by highly-individualized, data-driven and real-time engagement with customers. Here are five ways retailers can apply artificial intelligence to drive their personalization efforts forward.