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How Sitefinity 12.0 Helps to Deliver Innovative and Engaging Digital Experiences

To what extent does the new Sitefinity 12.0 resolve the pressing challenges faced by content editors in delivering innovative and engaging experience top users? Read on to find out.

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Sitefinity 12.0 is a new version of the popular WCM, which brings about some major improvements and changes. The new version effectively resolves the challenge of scalability faced by content editors and adds several value-added features to accelerate time-to-market for the content. The new version also improves UX and UI considerably, eliminating any confusion, and making the process seamless. Likewise, the obstacles and rigidity associated with templates and forms are a thing of the past. Increased flexibility makes the task of delivering highly customized and dynamic content easy. There is now an effective solution to resolve complexities associated with version control. All these changes come without straining the system resources. Sitefinity 12.0 is the first proper WCM-as-a-service and is highly scalable.