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Why 71% of the Top 100 Universities Worldwide use Drupal for their Websites?

Why is Drupal the overwhelming favourite of universities worldwide? This ebook explains the why and the how of Drupal’s popularity.

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Creating and managing content is the core activity of any university. Yet all universities face several challenges in this front. They face pressing challenges to create and manage content, to offer a personalized experience to their users, to collaborate effectively, managing multiple sites and workflow modules, and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Drupal CMS comes with a host of in-built features to resolve all such challenges. Drupal makes managing and sharing content easy and fast. It offers a host of embedded and add-ons features to add power to the content. It makes collaboration easy and seamless. Managing the backend workflow and complying with legal and statutory requirement is also fast and easy.

Drupal is today the favourite CMS among educational institutions in the world. 71% of the top 100 universities and 28% of all .org websites use Drupal CMS for their content needs. The high popularity is due to the ability of the CMS to meet customer expectations well.