• Proud innovators. Proud partners. And now, proud sponsors!

    Suyati Technologies is delighted to take our relationship with Ektron to the next level.


  • The 3-pronged strategy to crack the Social Media puzzle

    Create, manage and share content with a perfectly integrated solution, rather than a piecemeal approach.


  • Hands-off Publishing

    We’ve built innovative software to automate publishing workflows – ensuring smooth profits,
    effortless delivery, and easy scale up in volumes for our clients.

  • Guess who’s promoting our ektron plugin?

    Ektron themselves! Our Exact Target Connector,
    which helps you send targeted emails to site visitors is now offered along with ektron.


  • Strong on Salesforce

    Seamlessly harnessing external services like Google Maps on Salesforce.


  • Dedicated Global Team

    Facilitates a publishing giant’s engagement with us to rise from 1 to 25 projects in 3 years.

  • Different hooks for different Fish

    Our digital marketing solutions that help you catch every relevant consumer online.

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What Our Clients Say

Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team model has offered us the opportunity to continue our high quality, rapid software development while effectively managing our IT spend, by using Suyati’s transparent cost driven model. The DGT model allows us to work closely with Suyati to hire the most talented people in the market at a fraction of our historical cost.

Randy- CIO | Publishing Company

Suyati is our preferred partner for our outsourced development work to supplement our own offshore teams. It has always been an integral part of our offshore ventures. The team is very responsive to our requests and has excellent communication systems and processes in place to manage our high expectations for delivery. We love working with Suyati and constantly look for new opportunities to expand our partnership.

Matthew- President | Fulfillment Company

One of the challenges that we faced is the ever changing environment that we work in, and the evolution of people moving away from traditional print calendars into a web-to-print calendar with a web environment. We have been unsuccessful with 3 prior technology partners. So finding Suyati was a blessing for us.

Jim- Founder & CEO | Calendar Publishing Company

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