About Us

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.


We dream to scale new heights in custom software development, while daring to make our clients’ business goals come through effortlessly. At Suyati, we strive to develop software in a cost effective way for small and medium companies by leveraging the best technical and managerial talent from India. We are a young, upwardly mobile company with a singular goal to help your business benefit from Information Technology. We have done it in myriad ways, for dozens of clients. But, irrespective of your need, we have one guarantee—our solution will be as unique as you are.

We are in Infopark, a government-built infrastructure with hi-tech facilities and top-notch amenities, located in Kochi, Kerala’s vibrant commercial capital. Our location helps us to tap into the country’s most educated populace, derive inspiration from the natural beauty around, and let our hair down to the delights of this rapidly growing city.

Rapidly evolving, just like the city we are in, Suyati has crossed 100+ employees in five years. Our technological repertoire has seen tremendous growth too—it includes Microsoft, Free and Open Source, and everything in between.