About Us

Good People Engineering Great Experiences. That is what Team Suyati is all about.

Good People Engineering Great Experiences. That is what Team Suyati is all about.

We know our clients come to us for solving specific problems and pain points. In the process of offering unique business solutions based on our technology expertise, we digitally transform the way our clients do business, empowering them to create delightful user experiences and stories. In short, we create fluid customer experiences for our clients.

And while we make a difference to our clients’ businesses, we ensure that our people talent and processes are constantly upgraded, giving our clients world class IT products and services that surpass their expectations each time, every time.

How do we do this?

We never stop learning. In November of 2019, Team Suyati completed the Seed Program. The Seed Transformation Program is a yearlong, on-the-ground leadership program for established founders and CEOs in emerging economies focused on growing their businesses and increasing the positive impact they have in their communities.

We believe this constant learning and applying our expertise helps us understand our client’s problems better, solve them faster, and help them reach their business goals sooner.


The best of talent from one of the fastest growing cities in the country

With the highest literacy rate and one of the lowest attrition rates compared to the rest of India, Kerala has become the “It” city for IT services. Kochi, the commercial capital of the state, is leading from the front with its metropolitan populace, rich cultural history, and tremendous growth rate—it has easily become the first choice for IT firms to set shop in, and for many businesses to select service providers from. Suyati brings together this catalytic combination, giving its clients the best of both the worlds.


Tomorrow’s technological prowess, delivered today

Suyati’s ambit of expertise is not limited to a few technologies—and that is where our USP lies. We are all about solving multiple business problems by creating a set of technologically advanced, seamlessly integrated methods, which ensure that your varied technical needs are met with innovative solutions. Got a technical problem? We are sure to have a solution for it.


Agile we believe in, Agile we are

We apply the principles of Agile/SCRUM methodology to help our clients attain sustained growth and better results. Being Agile translates into iterative and defined milestones, delivery milestones being aligned with payment milestones, and complete visibility on project execution and deliverables. Suyati’s expertise in Agile project monitoring tools ensures that in spite of diverse geographies and time zones, we continue to sustain flexible support models, maintain effective and transparent communication, and manage productive utilization with minimum overlap.


The best support your business can get

If your business needs to run 24x7, you need infrastructure that runs 24x7 too. Suyati is up and about, round the clock, with the guarantee of a centralized network, uninterrupted power supply, 200 Mbps connectivity, virtualized servers, and more. We work from a world class secured environment that is powered by a unified threat management system and various other security policies that ensure your data is in safe hands at all times.


Research and development is our way of life

Innovation is a part of the Suyati lifestyle. We believe our very existence is about doing new things and finding new solutions. Each time we celebrate a new find, our gray cells thank us for the adrenaline rush. Developing new products, improving the existing ones, and generally making life easier for our clients is way up on our list of priorities. When you get to know us better, you will meet the likes of SOCXO,Mekanate, and Voraka, and experience the dynamism these products can bring to your business.