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Custom Development

Custom Development (CD)  is in our DNA. We help you to build next-gen products and platforms using state-of-the-art processes, re-usable components, libraries, and frameworks.
Suyati’s Custom Development (CD) 

Suyati’s Custom Development team has the experience to engineer great products and platforms. Here’s how we can help.

  • Digitally transform your business process
  • Upgrade, migrate and modernize the applications
  • Increase ROI using re-usable components and frameworks
  • Ideate and innovate with you and your customers to improve the experience with design-thinking
  • Integrate systems
  • Automate processes through robotic process automation
  • Implement analytics and business insight to monitor progress in real-time
  • Implement advanced analytics and AI to enhance the accuracy of decision making
  • Lift and shift cloud migrations to cloud-native development
  • Implement systems to handle your organization’s big data
  • Agile, scaled Agile, and distributed Agile teams
  • DevOps implementation
  • Security engineering
  • Reusable libraries, components, and frameworks

Industries We Serve


Accelerate innovation processes and provide end to end consulting for an agile business model to meet customer demands and boost profits.


Unlock the potential of omni-channel experiences to deliver connected retail experiences with the best-in-class retail consulting services.


Best practices in architecting and developing technology enabled healthcare solutions to build and configure interoperable frameworks.


Enhance Insurance businesses with bigger profits, greater efficiency, maintain compliances and keep pace with evolving market.


Comprehensive technology solutions to promote a digital campus and collaborative learning environment for students and staff.


Why Suyati?

Customized Software Development


“Suyati’s entrepreneurial spirit and their eagerness to deliver a top-notch product and website that is better than even what you envisioned is commendable.”

Jim Purcell, Co-Founder



Trigger Innovation Using Suyati’s Custom Development Team.