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We ensure the optimum utilization of your software and UI by evaluating, validating, and authenticating the features by way of our testing practices. We follow a systematic approach for quality assurance to check if the product meets the specific client requirements.

We employ specialized testing and QA (Quality Assurance) techniques to test the functionality, performance, and security of the product or  service. We follow an early-stage testing approach to detect and eradicate defects during the initial stages of development. Our testing and QA services alleviate risks, curtails cost, and boosts user experience with improved functionality of a service or product, leading to enhanced product life cycle and greater customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

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Our Key Takeaways

Our Specialized Software Testing Services Include:

We offer back-to-back functional testing services to ensure that you have built the exact software you had in your mind, and it performs as per your requirements. We enable you to maintain the quality as well as the functionality of the software during its implementation at the initial phase of the cycle, assuring optimum accessibility and usability. We provide support at various levels of the software development cycle through:
  • Risk-based Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional and Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

With our software testing automation services, it is quite easy to achieve quicker time-to-market and  accurate, consistent, and outstanding results. Our testing experts offer support in implementing effective test automation solutions including automation requirement assessment, functional and regression testing, tool feasibility study, script generation, framework automation and implementation, and back-to-back execution. We perform an in-depth tool analysis to recommend optimized tools that suit your needs and budget.

Our API testing services help in resolving issues at the application architecture level, saving time and money, by way of our cutting edge API testing tools and solutions. They are language and GUI (Graphic User Interface) independent, and offer improved test coverage. Further, they also ensure high quality performance, functional, inter-operational, and security testing.

We help enterprises across various domains conduct research on user experience and take data-driven decisions. Further, we offer different usability testing services for mobile, websites, and web platforms. Our research team has conducted usability testing at different venues by including participants belonging to various time zones, in order to support our clients to enhance their product perfomance. 

Our testing services assure that your applications can be easily used by those with visual, hearing, cognitive, and motor impairments. With great expertise and deep knowhow of regulations concerning accessibility testing, we ensure that optimized accessibility practices are being followed within applications. Our accessibility testing services enable the businesses to stay protected from a variety of lawsuits and litigations, and also help them to enhance the user engagement and user outreach, which in turn boosts the brand’s reputation.

We focus on providing mobile testing services that are a perfect blend of enterprise-level mobile testing methodologies and mobile engineering. Our vast collaborative network that includes different stakeholders, help us to gain deeper insights on user-based data associated with OEMs, locations, and operating systems. It helps us to facilitate usage composition and improve user coverage. Our end-to-end services comprise usability, performance, and functional testing to ensure mobile apps of high quality across various networks, devices, and models.

Our performance testing services help you to predict performance and application behavior in a simulated, real-life setting. We assure that the application is reliable and responsive enough to handle peak load days. Further, it is also capable of scaling to other upcoming events including acquisitions, product release, regulatory changes, new clients, and continual business growth. We also ensure that the applications can adhere to any performance-based SLAs and contractual obligations.

Our services are aimed at providing optimal protection to your apps against various kinds of attacks and possible hacking activities. We perform a software health check and identify your system errors and potential risks. In addition, we conduct rigorous checks on server security, applications, software, and different networks. Upon arriving at a final assessment regarding your security level, we offer the appropriate solutions.

We offer the following services to protect our customers :

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Role-based Authentication Testing
  • Data Security Validation
  • Static and Dynamic Testing
  • Risk Assessment

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) testing is quite suitable for companies that are planning to migrate and monitor data warehouses. It is essential to test as well as map data systematically in order to facilitate the right integration of systems, and also to avoid any possible errors/bugs. 

We are committed to offering high quality ETL testing services  coupled with the critical ETL automation testing process.

We offer the following services to protect our customers against any possible risks/violations:

  • Data Quality Testing
  • Validation/Source to target testing
  • Data Integration Testing
  • Application Migration Testing
  • Data Transformation Testing

We ensure the validation of all structured as well as unstructured data with due focus on attaining excellent data quality. Our back-to-back testing method deals with all Big Data testing needs such as tooling, testing metrics definition, and test data requirements. As our Big Data Testing services rely upon validation techniques based on Machine Learning for predictive analytics, time-to-market is accelerated by up to 20%, costs are reduced by up to 30%, and 100% data validation is guaranteed.

We focus on offering a smooth digital experience for our customers. In today’s world, every touchpoint, supply chains, and customer engagement channels are unified. Our all-inclusive customer experience testing services assure that all the functionalities and features are thoroughly verified, with a value-add to the whole experience. Our team of experts ensure that every application runs flawlessly during each micro-experience, leading to improved customer engagement and conversion.

Here are some important principles of digital customer experience testing:

  • Have a clear idea of customer Intentions.
  • Understanding that emotion/reaction is the primary driver.
  • Identifying multiple platforms/devices and understand how they exchange data concerned with the application under test (AUT).
  • Persona-based test strategy.
  • CX is an ongoing journey.
  • Well-established social media connections.
  • Investing in Crowd-sourcing/CCG testing.

How We Work?

Independent Verification

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Services

Validation Services

What is IV&V?

It is a strategy used by firms to assure that product, software, or system meets the necessary requirements and predetermined objectives. It is normally conducted by a third-party organization that has nothing to do with the development.

How is IVV useful for customers?

What do we offer?


We offer IV&V services to many enterprises to help them identify and improve their data security as well as performance of the prevailing software applications. Further, we verify and validate the software that evaluates the existing applications, and recommend industry-specific guidelines, in order to make the clients aware of the next steps needed to accomplish best-in-class performance.



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