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Don’t Hold Back your Business Growth. Invest in the Cloud

Information Technology (IT) has no doubt enabled organizations to develop a competitive edge. Despite the benefits that Cloud Computing so obviously provides, there are several organizations that haven’t got their strategies for Cloud Computing right. Today’s strategy for the cloud includes more than just reduced costs or ability to scale. This is what your cloud […]

Top 4 IoT platforms to watch out for in 2018

The IoT phenomenon is witnessing a never before surge . Every application you can think of is currently connected and is creating mind boggling possibilities when coupled with the cloud. IoT provides fruitful data and new delivery models that digitally transform businesses and allow them to engage in new value formation. But how can enterprises […]

A comparative study of which cloud platforms support IoT

The concept of an IoT platform can vary depending on who is going to use it. Hardware people will talk of embedded boards and for Cloud service providers, it is a reference to their platform. And that is something that is increasingly being sought out for the implementation of IoT across a spectrum of organizations. […]

5 Most Common Pitfalls To Avoid While Implementing Microservices

There are simple services like API development. Then there is web application development. Finally, there is microservice development – which brings together everything else. Microservices enable developers to structure applications as a collection of loosely coupled services. Each of these coupled services can be implemented to execute modular business capabilities. For instance, front-end operations, logistics, […]

A Comparison of the Top Machine Learning Platforms : Amazon, Azure, Google, IBM

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the rage now, owing to their potential to deliver advanced analytics. Marketers are now applying machine learning tools in a big way to realize huge gains in customer leads, conversion, and revenue. However, not all machine learning tools are equal. Each come with varied offerings, and different strengths and […]

How Does Microsoft’s Azure Stack Match Up To Amazon’s AWS In Competition

Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS – these are two giants in the cloud computing space that offer enterprise-grade IaaS and PaaS offerings, compatible with several programming languages, coding frameworks, platforms, and third-party programs. Microsoft Azure was announced in 2008; but the official launch came as late as 2010. The announcement saw Azure being titled as […]

What’s new in Salesforce Marketing Cloud October release?

On October 27, 2017, the latest release of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud went live. The new and improved October release comes with a host of striking features that will add more muscle to marketing efforts. Here is a quick run through the latest feature additions that you ought to know about. Einstein Engagement Scoring Einstein […]

Salesforce Essentials: A Brief Overview of the Latest CRM Offering

Microsoft Excel was first launched in 1995. Ever since, Excel spreadsheets have been best friends with business leaders and business development executives. They help track, manage and monitor leads and customers with a considerable amount of ease. Despite its advanced features, like Macros and Visual based coding and the latest cloud-based collaboration, Excel and the […]

Major digital transformation trends for 2018

As 2017 ends, digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of modern business strategy. Digital transformation has become imperative for all businesses – be it automation, logistics, software, retail or medical – the key drivers being profitability, customer satisfaction and increased speed-to-market. Some of the big players such as Cloud, Internet […]

Dreamforce 2017 in a Nutshell

There were no surprises at Dreamforce 2017. The four-day event, held between November 6 and 9, was every bit as fun, exciting, and innovative as expected. The days were packed with keynotes, sessions, hands-on training, and inspirational discussions with some of the world’s biggest stars and much more; while the nights offered ample scope for […]