Why should you choose Suyati as your next employer?

Why should you choose Suyati as your next employer?


Cultivate your skill, develop your experience, and work on dream projects

Technology variety. Projects and clients from different time zones. Open source and Microsoft. CRM and CMS. Ruby on Rails and MS Dynamics. Salesforce and Python. The list of technology that you will be exposed to is endless. So are the opportunities to move between projects or select the area that you want to excel in. Which is why it’s highly unlikely that you will feel und er-motivated or not challenged enough at Suyati.

The opportunity to digitally transform the way your clients do business in itself is one of the most powerful motivators at Suyati. Along with this comes the opportunity to develop a wider, more varied knowledge of technologies and processes that will keep you on top of the IT game. If an exciting, constantly evolving work-life is what you aspire for, Suyati has all the right openings.


We go beyond work-life balance. It is about learning and leading!

With every new opportunity to learn comes the prospect of exploring the fun side of life at Suyati. Technical certifications, training opportunities, conferences and work-related visits are serious businesses at Suyati. But along with these we have the unique Fun@Suyati concept that allows employees to let their hair down. The opportunity to establish yourself as a leader stand side-by-side the chance to play a sport or a game opposite your senior, peer or subordinate, which makes way for an easy and long term camaraderie and comfort in the work culture. And there’s more! Our open door policy ensures that Suyatians have a no-holds barred access to the CEO—you have something to share with him; walk right in—no appointments needed!

Work is truly a celebration at Suyati. So if you get a chance to a part of this splendid experience, grab it with both your hands!


All work. All play.

It doesn’t end there. Team Suyati swears by what we call around here “Fun@Suyati” – which is an assortment of exciting activities that go beyond the scope of work. From sports like cricket, table tennis and football, and board games like chess and caroms, to marathons, festive celebrations, and fun games, Suyati gives its employees ample break from work and the chance to showcase their talents.

At Suyati, we don’t put our heads together only for client projects. Every few weeks, the office environ breaks into fun, laughter and celebrations as yet another “Fun@Suyati” event kicks off! Here’s a look at the goings-on at Suyati and what your work-life will be like if you were to join us.


Four powerful “owners” from the management team and a rambunctious auction for players with virtual money results in four flamboyant teams every year—Mukund XI, Vincent XI, Dama XI and Vinod XI! And then it takes off—the year’s most competitive cricket match that we call the Suyati Cricket League (SCL). The fight to the finish for the rolling trophy is something you must not miss!

Suyati Futsal

Football lovers must watch out for this one. Loud and fun auction for players results in four football fanatic teams that battle it out for the rolling trophy. However, Suyati football lovers have more than Futsal to look forward to. Every year, avid players from the company play against teams from other companies as well.

Table Tennis

This “Ping Pong Ka Dhamaka” is an excellent exhibition of table tennis talents at Suyati. Players bring out their A-game, and right from the management team, we see tons of enthusiasm, skill and agility. Like TT? You are going to love it here!


Strikers, take note! The caroms tournament at Suyati is one with open challenges between competitors, which may or not turn out as expected, but make for great entertainment anyway.


It’s not called a battle of brains for nothing. Suyati has some serious chess contenders; so if you feel you are a master player, this is a great place to put your skills to test.


Name a marathon in Kochi, and we will be in it! Suyati has some really passionate marathoners, not to mention winners and achievers who have carved a space for themselves with top runners of the country. Whether it’s Kochi Half Marathon, Spice Coast Marathon or Women’s only Midnight Marathon, Suyati has some serious running enthusiasts who practice diligently and maintain a life of good health.

Festive celebrations

Whether it’s Onam or Christmas, or even Suyati’s anniversary, Suyatians get together and bring the house down! Games, performances, open dance floor and DJ, and lots of leg-pulling—the celebrations make for great times and even greater memories. 

Fun Fridays

This one is another exciting monthly event that everyone at Suyati eagerly awaits. Conducted on the first Friday of every month, Fun Friday entails team games that pit employees against each other and elicits tons of laughter! You’ll see Suyatians balancing cups, hopping on one leg, throwing balls into baskets, bursting balloons, and basically just clowning around and having loads of fun! You may actually find yourself in a team with your boss or against him/her, and that just makes the whole experience a lot more entertaining.


No, you won’t be cooking anything here; just savoring an amusing internal newsletter that comes out every few weeks. You’ll find everything you need to know about Suyati and its employees, plus loads of gags, gossips, and good-natured teasing. The Pazhampori Chefs, the editors as they call themselves, keep a hawk’s eye on the employees, looking for juicy news bytes. So watch out!


There’s work, there’s play, and then there’s some sharing and caring—Suyatians believe in opening their hearts and making a difference to the lives of the underprivileged in whatever way they can. So from handing out every day essentials to orphanages, raising funds for treatment of life-threatening ailments in children, or even taking technology out to the common man, Suyati has some definite plans of action under its corporate social responsibility wing.