SoCXO helps organizations amplify its brand story on social media by transforming employees and customers to social ambassadors. Our platform enables organizations to share approved content with trusted relations who can share it with their social networks and thereby enabling them to be brand storytellers on social media.

SoCXO is in an all-in-one advocate marketing platform for enterprises. Organizations can now make it super easy for their employees and brand ambassadors to share branded content. Brand ambassadors are the best source of word of mouth publicity.


Voraka’s workflow management engine offers a transparent process for the entire content marketing lifecycle. Use Voraka to create, optimize, deliver, and measure your content.

Voraka is a cloud based writer management engine that caters to large-scale content generation needs. The application is a one-stop solution for managing writers and for generating great content regularly. Owned and developed by the Suyati group of companies, Voraka was borne out of the cumulative experience in product development ( and content creation (

Suyati Technologies is a global software services company with offices and clients in India, United States and Europe. Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team (DGT)SM is a unique model for outsourced IT services which allows for a transparent cost and risk sharing relationship. For more details, visit

Content Crossroads is a content services provider with experience in creating more than 2 million words of content for over 35 clients across 4 continents in 24 months. From targeted emails to keyword blogs, from web articles to “live” newsfeeds, from Tweets to Facebook fan pages, the Content Crossroads team provides quality content that will cover every aspect of online content marketing. For more details, visit

With over 6 decades of cumulative experience, the Suyati Group of companies own the Voraka, Suyati, and Content Crossroads brands.

Line Control

LineControl is a Free and Open Source Jquery Plugin that allows you to add a beautiful, responsive and fast online Text Editor to your web application/site. LineControl is designed to work with Twitter Bootstrap and as a Jquery Plugin.

This plugin was developed by the open source development team of Suyati Technologies. It’s available in Github for download.

This plugin has all basic text manipulation tools with a catchy image upload and html table features.

Main Advantages

  • Lightweight and highly extensible.
  • Developed in JQuery plugin method
  • Responsive design with Bootstrap
  • Easy integration with any applications
  • No third party plugins required
  • Customizable options, menus and themes
  • X-browser support.


The following is required for your LineControl Editor:

  • Jquery (1.9.1)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Font-Awesome
  • Browser Support

LineControl uses HTML5 for some of its functions to deliver a faster user experience. LineControl works well for most Modern browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (>=10)

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