Capitalizing on Wearables in Healthcare- How Wearable Technology is revolutionizing healthcare services today

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From a daily fitness companion to a medical advisor, the role of healthcare wearables in our lives is growing at an exponential rate. Market researchers reveal that by 2021, the global annual Healthcare Wearable Device Shipments will touch 98 Million. Out of the wearables, the fitness trackers, smart watches, and connected wearables will play a key role influencing the wellness of users in the immediate future. Healthcare sector is also looking at the possibilities of exploiting wearables for the purpose of remote health monitoring. Wearable technology is one of the most influential fitness trends in 2016. 1 out of every 5 Americans now has a wearable device such as fitness band or smart watch. The potential is huge, even with existing technology, and in the coming years, as technology is fully leveraged, and the limitations sorted out, wearables are likely to change the entire nature of healthcare and allied industries.

This white paper highlights how wearable technology is helping healthcare industry and also discusses some of the leading wearables in healthcare currently. 

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