Salesforce Implementation & Customization Services

Collaboration that goes beyond code!

Salesforce, the most powerful CRM solution can be overwhelming at times, when it comes to customization and implementation. By implementing Salesforce and customizing it to your preferences, you just make your customer interaction smoother and thus, increase their satisfaction. At Suyati, we offer a holistic suite of Salesforce implementation and customization services that provides a seamless experience to your clients throughout their customer lifecycle. Our certified and experienced Salesforce experts ensure that Salesforce CRM implementation can boost the working experience in your organization.

We are specialists in a range of platforms including Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Lightning, Salesforce1 Mobile, AppExchange development and publishing and more. Here’s how we pan out our Salesforce customization and implementation services for our customers.

Why Salesforce Customization?

It could be a fact that you might be already using Salesforce CRM in your business. But, is Salesforce adeptly serving your business needs? If not, understand that it is time to customize your CRM. Salesforce customization can help you achieve the following benefits:

Salesforce Customization

  • Improves collaboration and transparency at all organizational levels

  • Brings dispersed users into one place and avoids communication mismatch

  • Customization reflects your business processes, helps sales overcome hurdles

  • Have a clean dashboard that offers you a complete view of your customers and business

  • Easily generate activity reports that facilitates easy closure of deals

  • Empowers you to exploit the Salesforce mobile applications effectively

Customizing Salesforce with Suyati

Suyati’s Salesforce CRM experts customize and set up based on the customer’s business requirements and proposed solutions. We do extensive R&D prior to deriving a solid workaround for our clients. We customize a broad array of services, including:

  • Creation of customer logins, partner support, profile creations/ modifications

  • Organizational hierarchy based user set up

  • Creation and customization of reports and dashboards

  • Set up assignment rules, workflows, validation rules etc.

  • Sales process management and streamlining

  • Efficient usage of APEX, and Visualforce platforms for customizations

Our Salesforce CRM customization solutions are tailored to help you get the best out of Cloud platform- improved workforce productivity, 100% clean data, automation of manual processes, flexibility and scalability.

Salesforce implementation with a difference

Suyati is a fast growing Salesforce powerhouse and we partner in every stage of your business improvement process. Our implementation strategy involves a fine-tuned procedure that gives your ample room for incremental updates. Prior to implementing, we encourage our customers to test every iteration of the build, collect feedback and suggestions, and deliver according to their expectations. This kind of agile and iterative implementation strategy allows to us to meet all the requirements laid out in the discovery phase. As your Salesforce partner, we custom-tailor and implement the right solutions in cloud for your business development.

Suyati’s Salesforce Implementation Strategy at a glance

Salesforce CRM implementation is not a one-step activity. It is a continuous “discover, iterate, and improve” process that strives to yield optimal results. We help you make Salesforce yours with our insightful CRM implementations services. Our implementation strategy involves the following phases:


  • Consulting phase- to understand your business standards & needs

  • Planning the right way to implement Salesforce in your business

  • Identifying which features of Salesforce do you need

  • Helping with license, setting up Salesforce account

  • Implementing Salesforce automation, configuration, customization

  • Third-party integrations, other API integrations

  • Data mapping, analysis, data de-duplication, data cleansing, data migration

  • Creating dashboards, reports, libraries etc.

  • Testing phase- end user training, creation of training manuals

  • Support and maintenance after “go-live”

Our Salesforce implementation covers a broad range of tasks including:

  • customization, administration, implementation

  • Security and sharing management

  • API

  • Chatter, Salesforce Community, Community Cloud

  • Sales cloud, Services cloud, Marketing cloud

  • Content and article management

  • AppExchange development

  • Create and manage workflows

Faster user adoption, scope for collective progress, streamlined business process, and increased customer satisfaction- are the four major benefits that you gain by implementing Salesforce CRM in your business.