Salesforce Integration Services

Be a true customer company with Salesforce!
When you use Salesforce, you put your clients at the center of your business. And, when you integrate Salesforce with your backend applications, other cloud, on-premise, social, or mobile applications, you achieve more.

How can Salesforce Integration help your business grow?

Beyond an excellent UI, Salesforce offers various critical functionalities that your business needs. With so many acquisitions and mergers, Salesforce is just expanding its capabilities as the ultimate CRM tool. Your everyday operation tools like CMS, HRMS, ETL, Marketing Automation etc. can fetch you the optimal benefits, if integrated with Salesforce. Salesforce integration also boosts your business collaboration, engagement with your customers, real-time visibility and data access. By connecting your third-party apps to Salesforce, you enjoy superior product features, achieve cross-functional team synchronization, and attain faster release-to-market. Above all, Salesforce integration procures you a distinguished competitive advantage in the digital age.

When you integrate your systems on the Salesforce platform, you can:


Suyati’s Salesforce Integration Advantage:

When you have all the necessary information at your fingertips, it is easy to obtain better visibility and clarity on your customers, finance, and operations. Our consultants help you in identifying and connecting your accounting systems, ERP, content management platforms, social media platforms, ecommerce applications and even any on-premise or third party software.

Integrating Salesforce with Third-Party applications

We help you integrate Salesforce with a multitude of platforms that can help you have a 360-degree view of all your financial, marketing, sales, administrative, and customer data on a single platform. Salesforce supports both REST and SOAP based APIs that are critical for integrations.


We offer Salesforce integrations through web, APIs and custom adapters:

  • Design and develop AppExchange integration apps

  • Custom build compatible AppExchange integration Salesforce apps for partners

  • Integrate Salesforce with third-party solutions through hosted integration apps

  • Integrate web applications with Salesforce directly via APIs

  • Real-time integrations with Salesforce and web applications through secure web services and Salesforce APIs

  • Salesforce integrated mobile solutions

Need help integrating Salesforce to your various business apps? We can are right there to help you!

How Suyati makes a difference when it comes to Salesforce integration?

  • An excellent track record of 10+ Salesforce integration projects

  • Ability to undertake integrations of any sizes and complexities

  • A strong Salesforce team of certified architects and developers

  • Expertise on various industries including publishing, retail, education, manufacturing etc.

  • Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team model that allows clients to own an in-house team of Salesforce experts

  • A dedicated Salesforce architect who can layout the integration blueprint

  • Integration approach prioritizes user efficiency and experience 

Salesforce Integration Partner

Although Salesforce offers its very own built-in systems, a lot of organizations rely on systems which are not native to Salesforce. Salesforce can very easily be integrated into such applications and gather their data.

Suyati is an official Salesforce Integration Partner and takes care of all your integration needs to Salesforce. Salesforce integration can prove to be a game-changer in your customer relationship. Our expertise and continuous hard work have made us one of the fastest-growing Salesforce partners in the industry.