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How RPA in Retail acts as a Catalyst for Improved Customer Engagement

World over 89% of companies will compete mainly on customer experience. RPA has the robustness to infuse every inch of the customer journey with positive experiences. Exactly the reason why retailers must explore RPA opportunities right away! Check out this e-book for more details.

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$1.6 trillion is lost by American companies when customers switch to competitors after experiencing poor customer service. An unhappy customer is never going to return. The sooner retailers understand that and invest in CX and customer engagement innovations, the earlier they can reap benefits of longstanding customer loyalty.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the power to transform the future of retail, making it possible to infuse every inch of the customer journey with memorable experiences—starting right at the top, when a customer is looking for a product, and for as long as s/he is using the product. This e-book discusses the impact that RPA can have on the retail industry, how it is a catalyst for improved customer engagement, and why retailers must make the most of the RPA boom right away.