How Businesses benefit from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Every person associated with any kind of industry in the corporate world is aware of the powers of Salesforce. Bearing similar power is the tool Marketing cloud by Salesforce.

Salesforce marketing cloud is one of the leading solutions for marketers that allows them to plan, optimize and personalize every customer’s individual journey with you. It ranks beside other cloud solutions such as Adobe marketing cloud, Oracle marketing cloud and IBM marketing cloud, with a total market share of about 24%.

With the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can create detailed road maps of customer journeys with channel-wise categorization. This marketing solution can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce’s other solutions like CRM, Workfront and Sales cloud, thereby, enabling you learn deeper insights of your business’s customer relations.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s customer base include many big names including General Electric, Aston Martin, Philips, Vodafone and many more. This versatile solution is known to show dramatic improvements for its users.

How Businesses Benefits from Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Among many advantages that Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides for its users, there are 3 key benefits that are undeniably the most rewarding.

1. Shaping Individual Customer Experience: Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes use of predictive analysis, an advanced analytic technique that can predict future trends based on historical data. With the help of this solution, you can not only forecast the likely upcoming trends but will also be able to design your customer and marketing strategy based on it.
Furthermore, Salesforce Marketing Cloud actually delivers a personalized roadmap for every category of customers.

2. Inclusion of customer health: What most marketers overlook while devising strategies for their sales and marketing – Customer Health. In the customization realm, taking account of Customer health is crucial and Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows marketers to work with it. For instance, if a customer has been in a feud with a customer service executive, a cheery push notification promoting a product might aggravate the condition. In such cases, it adapts to recent customer behavior and activity and withholds content until the complaint issue has been resolved.

3. Customer Request: This might seem straightforward but many marketers fail to acknowledge what the custom70.ers are actually asking for in their marketing strategies. Keeping track of their reactions, feedback and requests is something that is made simple with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

This platforms works by setting trigger commands, which keeps track of specific user actions and set off personal notifications in response.

By learning what your potential clients have done and their interests, you are more likely to deliver more personalized customer experiences.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has seen widespread acceptance. The popularity is owing to the platform’s ability to resolve the pressing challenges faced by marketers, in an easy and hassle-free way. The Marketing Cloud offers tools which allow marketers to understand the customer, and engage with them on their terms. It also goes an extra mile and allows marketers to gain customer experiences, and shape customer experiences proactively. It does all these while facilitating the key requirements of today’s age, such as delivering effective communication, and enabling marketers to do the required thing in a speedy way. Read on to understand how Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables marketers to do all this and make marketers much more effective. The investment made in the marketing cloud pays back for itself quickly in the form of increased customer satisfaction and better revenues.