Incremental Approach to Disruptive Transformation

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

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In this decade we have witnessed an unprecedented consolidation and dissemination of information, supported duly by the advances made within the SMAC Technologies. AI, ML and BIG DATA & Analytics Technologies are now helping us move to the era of knowledge economy. Possibilities of business growth from each of these technologies on a host of Industries and business functions are immense and for a CIO/CTO today, it is very much like being a kid in a candy store – not knowing which individual Technology innovation – incremental and/or disruptive – to pick! This dilemma poses a key challenge to the CIO/ CTOs as they embark on a journey towards Digital Transformation. This whitepaper not only helps resolve this dilemma but also gives a tactical step by step guide to achieving the transformational objectives.